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What do we do?

Team Meeting


Our trainee programs are focused on helping our partners (private sector, public administration, NGOs) with establishing their enterpreneurships, know how, or networking. We provide a guidance under which you will be able to develop plans processes and gain new ideas.

Analyzing Data


Our specialists work together in order to compile a study followed by producing an expert analysis every month or two. Our focus is to reflect the ongoing transformation processes in CEE and WB and to reduce the amount of poorly covered topics. Our aim is to raise awareness as well as to provide a better understanding of such topics and the overall environment

Social Gathering


We create a network by gathering ideas and start-ups produced by our trainee programs. Our network consists of CEE and WB entities who will create an international cooperation based on shared know-how. This network also enables its members to test their projects and possibly to improve them

IT Consulting


We are here to help you with matters and issues concerning cooperation within the region. Our consulting service provides a secure environment for asking questions as well as receiving comprehensive solutions/answers to the requested problematics

Ring of Light Bulbs

Accelerating Ideas

All of the previously/above mentioned activities lead to an automatic emergence of new ideas which we help to develop according to our partners‘ goals and finally put them into practice

Who is who


Senior Analyst

Senior Analyst

Senior Analyst

Sapasimir Domaradzki


Eva Tomíčková

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