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Global Initiative report: Illicit Financial Flows in Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia

Aleksndar Srbinovski the representative of the Global Initiative for North Macedonia stated that this report is interesting to read and understand because is that North Macedonia is strongly influenced by the country’s role as a transit route for people and commodities moving between Asia and Western Europe. While political scandals and the name dispute with neighbouring Greece had long hampered North Macedonia’s path towards EU accession, efforts have recently been recognized by officially opening negotiations in April 2020.

"The purpose of this report is not to provide an overall estimate of the scale of IFFs in Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia. Instead, it offers a political-economy analysis of key drivers and trends that enable IFFs in the region, and, in doing so, provides a richer understanding of the phenomenon and a framework upon which stronger responses can be designed."

Details of the report here.

Download PDF • 7.51MB

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